Our Services

Hanafi Konsaltan provides a fully integrated range of quantity surveying, construction cost consultancy, project management and building surveying services on all types of construction projects. In addition to these more traditional services, Hanafi Konsaltan can also provide expertise in building valuations, rental assessment, insurance assessment and claims, dispute resolution, dilapidation surveys and insolvency/bankruptcy.

Quantity Surveying

In the field of Quantity Surveying our experience covers all contractual procurement routes including traditional “lump sum” tenders, design and build, construction management and, more recently, the Public Finance Initiative (PFI). We consider the choice of the most appropriate procurement route is an essential part of the value strategy of any project and we provide strategic advice to enable a well-informed choice to be made by our clients. Particular services common to this area of our expertise are as follows:

  • Budget estimates, cost planning and cash flow projections
  • Contract procurement and selection of contractors
  • Contract documents and methods of tendering
  • Tender evaluation and negotiation
  • Cost administration, management and control
  • Financial statements and reports
  • Valuation of work in progress and final accounts
  • Running cost and life cycle cost studies
  • Cost management and auditing
  • Monitoring procedures for selecting and purchasing furniture and equipment.

Project Management

In our capacity as Project Managers we provide clients with a single point responsibility for management and co-ordination of all aspects of the works, ensuring delivery on time, within budget and to specification by coordinating the input of all members of the consultant team and liaising as necessary with the appointed contractor(s). Particular services common to this area of our expertise are as follows:

  • Site selection
  • Assessment of clients’ requirements and technical brief development
  • Planning negotiations
  • Establishment of the professional design team and appointment of consultants
  • Programming and time control
  • Contract procurement and selection of contractors
  • Tender evaluation
  • Management of design consultants
  • Site supervision
  • Quality control
  • Supervision of completion and project handover
  • Appointment of letting and managing agents
  • Maintenance contracts.

Building Surveying

Our particular expertise in the field of building surveying is directly related to the execution of refurbishment and alteration works where Hanafi Konsaltan can offer a “package” service encompassing the following:

  • Condition surveys and appraisals
  • Design details and specification production
  • Compliance with building regulations and submittal of planning applications
  • Party wall awards
  • Tendering and contract placement
  • Site supervision
  • Maintenance planning and management.